Hong Kong Mei Zhou Association

Formerly known as the Yee On Community established in 1896, Hong Kong Mei Zhou Association is one of the most time-honored patriotic associations in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Mei Zhou Association comprises social associations sited in Hong Kong but originating from Da Pu County, Wu Hua County, Ping Yuan County, Fung Shun County, Jiao Ling County, Xing Ning City, Mei Xian District and Mei Jiang District of Mei Zhou City, as well as elites from political, commercial, cultural and education, and technological sectors.

Upholding the philosophy of “New Thoughts, New Style and New Image”, the association has established new association culture: to promote business communications, cultural exchanges, maintain intimate connection with Hakka associations around the world, attend all Hakka Congresses and fellowship activities, establish the “Hakka Association Alliance” and the “Standing Committee for Celebration Activities by All Societies in Hong Kong”, hold diversified activities, unify all Hakka associations in Hong Kong, support the governance by law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, proactively reward the hometown, assist in promoting Mei Zhou’s image, establish Mei Zhou Talent Training Base in Hong Kong together with the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, organize annual Mei Zhou cadres for study in Hong Kong and Singapore, carry forth the tradition to respect the elderly and love the young, focus on youth education, as well as organize members for ancestral visit, travel and Spring Festival visit each year. Ever since 2006, the association organized the Pass down the Love activity each year to finance impoverished students in Jiaying University and Mei Zhou Occupational Education College. Furthermore, the association is committed to promoting the Hakka cuisine and cultures.

Upholding the principle of loving our hometown, Hong Kong and China, the association will continue to cherish unification and friendship, as well as undergo harmonious cooperation and proactive progress to make a greater contribution to the society!